Documentation of installation (endless videoloop with music) from Vaasa Art Hall.


Documentation of an exhibition ”Luonnottomuus” by Anne Tamminen and Marko Lampisuo in Porvoo Arthall (Porvoon Taidehalli) 2015.


Some Lyric, 2015 from Anne Tamminen on Vimeo.

Videoinstallation with animated text of lyrics from many songs that I have sung. The combination of different phrases from different pieces of music forms a new story of its own. The text is projected to transparent A4-sheets. The work states the singers point of view to music, the lyric and the storytelling and the difficulty in it.


Patience, 2012, Reactive videoinstallation from Anne Tamminen on Vimeo.


patience-samples480p from Anne Tamminen on Vimeo.

Samples of the nine loops included in the installation Patience.



Thin film transfer (pigmentprint) and film cut on gallery windows. Galleria G, Helsinki, 2012.



Encounter from Anne Tamminen on Vimeo.

Videoinstallation (HD), 2012, loop 8’30, infrasound
Some of the people are in the video, some stand in the gallery in front of the screen.


The video with is projected in the installation ”Encounter”.



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